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Latest update: 2017-05-08 on Wallis blog – added Wallis pictures from Henk. Merged transalp blogs into one blog.

Plan to stay at home in Frankenjura for climbing and enjoying franconia beer 🙂

[2017-04-22 … 2017-05-01]
I spend some time in wallis with henk. Find pictures on the Wallis blog.

[2017-04-08 … 2017-04-20]
I spend some time in valle d’Aosta and in Finale ligure with Alex. Find pictures on the Valle d’Aosta blog.

[2017-04-02 … 2017-04-07]
I spend some time in Ortler group with mike. Find pictures on the Ortler blog.

[2017-01-21 … 2017-03-21]
I stopped the project transalp after half of the distance. I had very good conditions, besides sleeping arms no physically problems but I lost fun to go on through Swizzerland which I know very well already and which would be so expensive. I will spend the complete april again in the alps but with normal ski tours and no traverse any more. So stay tuned … updates will follow.

Thanks so far for all support: accompanying me, maintaining basecamp, repairing things, mentally support and comments from all of you!

I evaluated my gps files … some statistic data:

daily stage length

daily stage up hill meters

In total I went 1050 km distance and about 60500 m up and down.


Find the Transalp blog here Transalp with the following sections:

  • [2017-01-21 … 2017-01-25] From Vienna to Puchberg am Schneeberg. On the way to the real alps.
  • [2017-01-26 … 2017-02-01] From Puchberg am Schneeberg to Eisenerz. Traversing the first mountains: Schneeberg, Rax, Veitsch, Hochschwab.
  • [2017-02-02 … 2017-02-09] From Eisenerz to Öblarn. Traversing the Niedere Tauern
  • [2017-02-12 … 2017-02-19] From Öblarn to Maria Alm. Northern Kalkalps: Dachstein, Tennengebirge, Steinernes Meer.
  • [2017-02-23 … 2017-03-04] From Maria Alm to Steinach am Brenner. The typical winter tour area: Kitzbühler and Tuxer alps.
  • [2017-03-05 … 2017-03-21] From Steinach am Brenner to Scuol in Swizzerland, passing Stubaier, Ötztaler and Sesvenna group.
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