Did a round trip through the south side of the ortler group with Mike.


Accessing Pizzini hut


Start @pizzini

Accessing Königsjoch

Just above Königsjoch

Going up Königspitze east wall

Mike @ summit of Königspitze

We could ski down directly from the summit

Mike skis down the exposed Königspitze east wall

After accessing the Königspitze we went on to the Rifugio V Alpini.

Accessing Cima della Mineriea.

Climbing down from Cima della Mineriea

Skiing down the virgin Zebruferner

Reaching the Rifugio V Alpini where we spent one night in the winter room

Tea time @ 5 alpini hut

Accessing Monte Zebru

Summit of monte zebru

Skiing down from monte zebru

Fantastic light @ sun set just before coming back to rifigio 5 alpini

Going back from rifugio 5 alpini to pizzini hut. Due to fog above 3300 m we decided spontanously to ski down via a lower route.

Skiing down from cima della Mineriea

Went from pizzini hut to cevedale. Skipped summit due to avalanche risk and fog and went down to casati hut. Reached cevedale in a second go at afternoon and slept at bivacou colombo

On the vedretta di cedec on the way to cevedale

Fog and about 40 cm of new snow forced us to skip cevedale approach 100 m below the summit

Small snack at casati hut

Good wether at afternoon and an alternative route via the west ridge of the cevedale allowed us a second go

Reward for the second go

Monkey at cevedale summit

Leaving cevedale on powder slopes

View from bivouac colombo where we spent the night

Correct dressed for a bivouac dinner

Went from bivouac colombo via palon de la mare to monte vioz and down to branca hut.

Leaving bivouac colombo

Skiing down south side of palon de la mare

View from monte vioz into upper val di sole

Skiing down the vigin Ghiacciaio dei Forni

View onto the forno round

Way down from monte vioz leaves the impassable ghiacciaio dei forni via a small climbing passage

Went from branca hut via Cima S. Giacomo down to the parking area.