Valle d’Aosta

[2017-04-07 … 2017-04-30]
Spent the easter holidays in Valle d’Aosta for ski touring and for climbing in Oltre Finale with Alex. Alex picked me up in Innsbruck where I stopped with Mike on the way home from the Ortler trip.

Starting in the upper Valgrisenche to Bezzi hut.

Preparing light weight luggage for two days on the Bezzi hut

Approaching Bezzi hut

Went to Becca la Traversiere from Bezzi hut.

Last stop before Becca la Traversiere

@Becca la Traversiere between valee d’Aosta and Val d’Isere

Powder @Becca la Traversiere

Went to Truc Blanc from Bezzi hut and down to our car in Surier via Col de Giasson.

Approaching Truc Blanc

Last rest before Truc Blanc

Col de Giasson

Last powder on the way back to the car

We went down directly to the car and had a serious talk with the police because we drove on the closed route to surier.

We moved to val di Gressoney and took the cableway to punta Indren, accessed the Punta Giordanni and spent the night in the Mantova hut.

Start in Gressoney la Trinite

After taking the cableway to punta Indren we are on the way to Punta Giordanni

Steep view down into the val de Gressoney

@ punta Giordanni

Stop between Endregletscher and Rifugio Mantova with fontina cheese from val d’Aosta.

Just before rifugio Mantova

Went from Montova hut to Vincentpiramid, Corno Nero and Balmenhorn – spent the night in rifugio Gnifetti.

We left Mantova hut in the early morning

View from Vincentpiramid

Accessing the Balmenhorn

Rest at Balmenhornbiwak

Madonna @Corno Nero. While taking this selfie it looked for Alex like waving my hands to her at Balmenhorn.

Skiing down the Lysgletscher to Gnifetti hut

Skiing down the Lysgletscher

The exposed Gnifetti hut which offered a 5 course menu

Strong wind forced us to skip the approach to Signalkuppe and to ski down.

Skking down to the car in Gressoney la Trinite

[2017-04-14 … 2017-04-20]
We moved after some days on ski to Oltre Finale for climbing. Unfortunately climbing or belaying does not allow to take photos.

Sinters in Oltre Finale

Rest day in Finale Ligure