[2017-04-22 … 2017-04-30]
Spent some days in wallis with henk to access the grand combin.


Start @fionnay in direction to refuge de pannosiere

looking back to Fionnay

On the way to pannosiere hut with first view on gran combin

on the way to Pannosiere


Evening @pannosiere


Start in a long day …

First light on glacier de corbasiere

on the way to the so called breakfast place

Bad conditions in the north west wall of grand combin … ice climbing in 3800 m …

in the NW wall of Grand Combin

The upper part of the north west wall had perfect conditions

Leaving the noth west wall … 20 m further it was possible to go on by ski

@Combin de Valsorey

Combin de Grafeneire

After accessing the combin de valsorey and the combin de grafeneire we need to cross the mur de la cote

On the combin de la tsessette. Henks last (82th) 4000 m peak of the alps

View from the corridor on the way down from combin de la tsessette

Le corridor

looking back to le corridor

15 years of ski tours …

Repairs also at my trousers

Grand Combin in evining sun


The second tour from pannosiere to tournelon blanc

@tournelon blanc

@tournelon blanc

Skiing down tournelon blanc

Skiing down tournelon blanc

Skiing down tournelon blanc

After coffee stop @pannosiere and accessing the col des otanes we ski down a north oriented couloir into the val de bagnes

Nice firn …

[2017-04-25 and 26]
Bad weather in the alps for the next days. We moved to italy side of wallis to avoid expensive swizzerland during rest days.

Went from Zermatt to Monte Rosa hut. There was no other guest besides us.

5 min after train station rotenboden

On the way from train station rotenboden to Monte Rosa hut

Now it is Henk who has broken his stick

Just before Monte Rosa hut

This very friendly italian employee of the Monte Rosa hut repaired my trousers much more successfully then me

Went to Dufourspitze.

Slf.ch and meteowiss.ch predicted view cm of snow … we had exactly 40 cm

one of the steepest sections: accessing the Obere Platje

checking gps for the right track

one of only two snack stops

The whether was bad until 4 pm where we reached almost the summit

Summit of Dufourspitze with -23 ° and some wind

whether changes

The whether became perfect when we left the summit

We where the only 2 people on dufour today so we could enjoy the perfect virgin slopes

View to Monte Rosa hut

Went from Monte Rosa hut via Lisjoch and Passo del Naso to rifugio Quintino Sella. We were again the only guests.

Like yesterday on dufour we had again a lot of work building the track in 40 cm of freh snow

accessing Passo del Naso

Break at passo del naso

upwards walking to very bad snow towards Sella hut

Approaching Quintino Sella hut

View from sella hut to castor and liskamm … may be we have a chance tomorrow

My birthday started at 3:30 am. Breakfast at 4 am. We reached both Lyskamm summits and traversed castor to reach the ski slopes from klein matterhorn and skied down to Zermatt. As Henk reached one week before I completed now also all 82 summits above 4000 m in the alps.

Morning comes up on the way from Quintino Sella hut to Felikjoch

The last meters before Felikjoch

Liskamm west summit

Starting the Liskamm traverse

Liskamm east summit

And again the way back to Liskamm west summit

Steep view to Grenzgletscher from Liskamm traverse

Summit of Caster. My last 4000 m peak in the alps

On the Grande glacier di Verra on the way to the Breithornplateau

View from Breithornplateau which we reached at 7 pm. Finally we reached the Mc Donald in Zermatt at 9 pm